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Kadira Jennings

Central Coast , Australia

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Oils on canvas


A continuation of my Diving Deeper series this work explores what happens when using the extremes of light and dark while working with a flower. Concurrently with this I am exploring how the Divine Feminine Creative Energy, flows through the flower and onto the work itself. This is a very conscious process of channeling that energy into the work, as I paint it, drawing out the inner beauty of the peony flower.
In all of these works my focus is on revealing a hidden side of the object being painted, so we might view it in a way we have never thought about it before.


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Dark beauty black kale kadira jennings bluethumb art a3caBlack kale reveals an inner beauty ii kadira jennings bluethumb art c2a3Summer sojourn kadira jennings bluethumb artWhen the earth touches the sky kadira jennings bluethumb artEmergence kadira jennings bluethumb artColville i kadira jennings bluethumb art

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