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Framed ready to hang. Frame total size 42cm (W) x 52cm (H) - Collage on organically hand dyed, printed and vintage papers


Ready to hang - total size 42cm x 52cm x 3cm depth black minimal frame with white mount. ''Of things past and lost -3' is constructed and reworked with recycled, layered, hand dyed with organic dyes using printed papers and pages from recycled cookbooks. Reutilising recycled papers to speak of the transient and impermanent nature in our our lives. Making a new story. I defy the notion that the personal and private in artmaking is self seeking or immature. Instead I diffidently use the personal as a starting point in my art making process. Like taking cuttings from a personal garden. This series 'Of things past and lost' looks at loss.

Although I finished my fine arts bachelors degree with a painting major , I embraced a more intimate and personal process which I find with collage, mixed media encompassing at times needlework and collage and small reworked domestic items.

Collage especially allows this reworking and pastiche to make a new story or 'paint' a new picture. I adore the process and opportunities that collage allows and embrace using and recycling vintage papers and magazines - currently vintage French fashion magazines and discarded books from the 1950's and 60's - the ephemeral and the discarded. That which is fleeting/ passing and impermanent and giving new life and form - a new story.

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