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By Kat Las

SYDNEY , Australia

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'Moon Dust' is my impressionistic take on earth and cosmos. The painting has bee created with the use of a brush and painting knife and it's predominantly white, grey with soft hints of purple and silver dust. There are silver particles / black magma added to the surface of the painting to add that magic cosmic effect and I will leave it up to the collector's imagination to decide on a hidden meaning behind the silver dust. This artwork will suit a modern interior whether this is a living room, home office, bedroom, or office. Thank you for your interest.


metaphoric, river, sky, midnight blue, painted edges, ready to hang, Varnished, Big, office, home, bedroom, living room, white, grey, contemporary, modern, abstract, impressionism, landscape, large, white, universe, cosmos, coal, charcoal, dark grey, home office, silver, dust, earth, moon, stars, charcoal, night, horizon, magic, dust, sparkle, purple