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By Kat Las

SYDNEY , Australia

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This is a large scale abstract 152 cm wide / 122 cm high, with the sides painted dark to frame and complement the colour scheme, it has been protected with 3 layers of satin varnish to enhance quality finish. The mountain's peaks have some black magma added to add textures. There is white pearl added to the white peak too, to add texture and richness. Also soft textures have been applied with a painting knife, and few soft drips throughout the whole painting). It looks just beautiful in real life and it will get your mind wondering back to mysterious places. It will be your place to escape after long busy day, and your eyes and mind will find itself buried in peace and relaxation, while appreciating the art. It's ready to hang as it is, no need to frame. It is a statement piece for any home, home office, or office wall. Thank you for looking at the art.


skyline, river, hills, water, texture, large, abstract, landscape, nature, Mountains, sky, blue, Green, turquoise, ash pink, white, indigo, impressionism, Big, large scale, large wall, wide, home, office, living room, Waterfall, drips, lake, mountain, Varnished, ready to hang, modern, paint brush, paint knife, pearl purple, indigo, waterfalls, ocean, sky, nature, abstract, grey, purple