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By Kate Hudson

Eltham North, Victoria, Australia

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Chinese Rose Jug is an unframed reduction linocut and is part of an on going series of prints of native flowers in jugs. The image is 26 x 22cm and the paper is 38 x 28 cm. I borrowed this jug from my friend Shaaron who makes mosaics and filled it with dried banksia cobs.
The colour linocuts I make are reduction prints, 2 blocks are used for all the colours and more of the block is carved away after each colour has been printed.
I use transparent ink called extender with small amounts of coloured ink mixed in. This means that the colours are built up from each other as each layer is added.
The inks I use are oil-based and each colour has to be completely dry before the next colour is printed. Most of my prints have 10 or more colours in and take around 2 months to make.


linocut, reduction linocut, original print, Australian native flowers, banksias banksia cobs, still life