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By Kelly Sullivan

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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This body of work spans timeless culture and represents my memories of growing up in the early 1970s and beyond. I depict my subjects in various colourful forms to create representational images of celebrities and musical icons and I continue to be influenced by iconic popular culture and our attraction to it.
Collage has historically been a medium that embraces music. Where would the punk rock flyers of the 1970s and 1980s be without a photocopy machine, deconstructed type and magazine images?
Collage carries with it an essence of composing that is accessible, hybridized and ever-developing. There is a sense of freedom to the practice that I really enjoy and I am attracted to disassembled images made from the old and revamped into the new.
I feel that collage artists are natural hoarders and I certainly embrace this with passion. I’m forever rummaging around op shops to collect vintage books, magazines, textured papers, long-stitch tapestries and lettering / type. When I find these images, I start to construct drafts in my mind and can piece together a vision from various books even before they have been cut out. I then use acrylic paint and watercolours to unite the image as one.
The central focus of this work relates to the timelessness and the indefinable x-factor of my chosen subjects, recapturing their essence in my own way. In my mind, these people embodied individualism and were nothing but authentic. I continue to be inspired by the pioneers of sonic innovation and silver screen who gave birth to the music and culture we know today, and are still identifiable in today’s saturated image culture.


Rod Stewart, Rock n Roll, collage art, hand made collage, vintage, acrylic painting