I am a collage artist, working exclusively in hand-cut, or 'analog' collage. I use mostly donated and recycled magazines, which I cut and reset into geometric shapes and patterns, colour gradations, or chaotic arrangements, paying close attention to the unique and infinite colours, fonts, textures and images found in magazines. These mixed media works combine a blank or painted background with cut magazine pages, holographic paper, gift wrap, I've even used fast food wrapping paper (it was clean!). At other times I prefer to create a solid tessellation that seals the surface, forming a new solid layer that covers the surface entirely.
Once I'm ready to make a new piece I harvest what feels relevant, then I cut and glue it with decoupage medium, pressing it down with my fingertips. Viewed from a distance the collages are pixelated or faceted abstracts. When examined closely the infinite details of human life, as captured in magazines, are sealed in a permanent homage to printed media.
Like most collagists, I have hoarder tendencies, so it is imperative that I keep making more images, letting go, experimenting further and exploring the possibilities of this type of tiled paper mosaic.
I am inspired by the work of quilters and patchworkers - crafts that were borne of the need to suture leftovers together, make do with what was there, find a way to make various elements form a new fabric aesthetically and economically. I am also deeply moved by crystals and geometry, magnificent ways in which nature organises itself with internal and mesmerising logic.
My works are sealed with the best quality medium that provides a glossy finish, protects the work from surface erosion, and ensures its longevity.


Joint exhibition with Hugit Rubinstein at Lord Ivy, Melbourne, 2010


Magazines, quilt patterns, geometry, mosaic, collage, tessellation, chaos, tiles.

35cm (W) x 27cm (H)
paper, glue and masking tape on canvas