I am an emerging visual artist from Melbourne. I am currently focused on my studio practice‚ working on and refining my technique and putting together a body of work that defines what I'm about as an artist as well as what I'm exploring through my art practice. I create original works using oil paint and canvas. All works are subjective to each individual viewers personal experience and any opinion or direction that comes from me holds little or no validity in justifying each individual work's meaning. In so sayings I believe my works resinate their own meaning and this I find to be a just and reasonable justification of what the work I crate stands for. After all, I am but a vessel, a tool, a voice used by the energy.

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Bachelor of Fine Art Sculpture (Monash University Caulfield‚ completed )
Masters Visual Art (Federation University Gippsland‚ completing)


Zac Koukoravas‚ Tomokazu Matsuyama‚ Jon Campbell‚ Michael Carson‚ Derek Gores‚ HUSH‚ Erik Jones‚ MODE 2‚ Andrew Mangelsdore‚ Anthony Lister‚ Bom.K‚ Xuan Alyfe‚ Augustine Kofie and Teo “Moneyless” Pirisi‚ Doze Green.

29cm (W) x 21cm (H)
Oil Paint