"Hi I'm Kris‚ I’m a multi-disciplined designer & artist currently working in the design and film industries. My artistic practice covers many mediums however I primarily work in oil and acrylics‚ ink and collage. I have been working in the digital realm more recently‚ experimenting with collage. Thanks for stopping by."

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2015 — Shillington College - Graphic Design
2015 — Shillington College - Web Design
2014 — Southern Cross University - Diploma of Sports Management
2004 — North Sydney Institute - Film Studeis


Dec — Expression group exhibition - District 21 Gold Coast
Sep — Cake Wines Archi-bottle - District 01 Surry Hills - Finalist
Oct — Fom the ground up - District 01 Surry Hills
Jun — Reef Recovery Project Art show & auction
May — Beach Festival 2014

Dec — Falls Festival Art Mural
Aug — Central Coast charity Art night
Jul — Young and Restless with Create Collective


The Surrealists — James Gleeson‚ Andre Bretton‚ Brett Whiteley.
Picasso‚ Ears‚ Bennet‚ Alex Kopps‚ Music‚ NIN‚ Tori Amos‚ Street art‚ people‚ places‚ things.

92cm (W) x 62cm (H)
Other Media
120cm (W) x 120cm (H)
Acrylic Paint