Hi I'm Kris‚

I’m a multi-disciplined designer & artist currently working in the design and film industries.

My artistic practice covers many mediums however I primarily work in oil and acrylics‚ ink and collage.
I have been working in the digital realm more recently‚ experimenting with collage.

For more info and my full range of work please visit my website at www.krisklein.com.au or get in touch at email; [email protected]

Thanks for stopping by.


2015 — Shillington College - Graphic Design
2015 — Shillington College - Web Design
2014 — Southern Cross University - Diploma of Sports Management
2004 — North Sydney Institute - Film Studeis


Dec — Expression group exhibition - District 21 Gold Coast
Sep — Cake Wines Archi-bottle - District 01 Surry Hills - Finalist
Oct — Fom the ground up - District 01 Surry Hills
Jun — Reef Recovery Project Art show & auction
May — Beach Festival 2014

Dec — Falls Festival Art Mural
Aug — Central Coast charity Art night
Jul — Young and Restless with Create Collective


The Surrealists — James Gleeson‚ Andre Bretton‚ Brett Whiteley.
Picasso‚ Ears‚ Bennet‚ Alex Kopps‚ Music‚ NIN‚ Tori Amos‚ Street art‚ people‚ places‚ things.

92cm (W) x 62cm (H)
Other Media
120cm (W) x 120cm (H)
Acrylic Paint