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By Cynthia Farr


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I am fascinated by Africans wildlife and this is the pinnacle of the wildlife in this wonderful country of Africa This zebra has a pattern of wide black and white stripes that extend from its spine all the way to the front of its abdomen. Burchell’s zebras typically display narrow, lighter-colored “shadow” stripes on their white stripes. The stripes on the Burchell’s zebra fade as they progress down its legs and may even be absent on the lower legs. Burchell’s zebra has a striped tail that ends in a black tassel, although the tail’s stripes may also fade or be absent. Like Grevy’s zebra, Burchell’s zebra has stripes that encircle the neck and meet in a point on the animal’s chest. The upstanding brush-like mane is also striped, in a pattern corresponding with the stripes on the neck. Burchell’s zebras are substantially smaller than Grevy’s zebras, standing only 48 inches at the shoulder and weighing only 400 to 700 pounds.


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