Lara Scolari

Sydney, Australia

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Ink, Pastel, Oil Stick on Stretched Canvas


Tingle is Lara’s 5th Large Scale series of work and includes over 20 mixed media works on canvas and art paper.

Working expressively, almost automatically in applying layers of line, form and gradated tone in gestures. Lara is an action painter, and her medium becomes an extension of her body echoing my movement and emotive state.

These works were created over a 12 month period within her Hunters Hill Residency within a purpose built art studio overlooking the magnificent Lane Cover River and the Great North Walk.

The Tingle body of work and echo the fun and pastel palette of the famous Australian sweets “Fruit Tingles”.

Lara’s energy is contagious and you are swept away when viewing these magical works.

Lara says “Art making for me is a form of meditation and I try to really just let go!

I have learnt not to get too caught up in the outcomes, but just let the process happen and the magic will come”


#modern, #abstract, #diamond, #colour, #fresh, #sydney

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