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Brisbane, Australia

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"The Current"

The artist was originally driven to painting as a creative release from her chosen straight-laced career. Her process is a complete state of mental and emotional freedom where she is able to disconnect with the environment around her and the stresses it may carry and instead become fully enthralled with the interlacing fusion of the colours of the paints that intertwine and become inseparable yet do not quite mix.

The Artist's inspiration is drawn from any number of things, from nature, to fashion, emotion and film. It is not the artist's intention to tell a viewer what her pieces are about, she prefers to allow a personal connection to develop between the piece and them in which they can feel and find their own way to a meaning or feeling unique to them.

The designs are formed through the placement and directed movement of the paint being applied both by brush and the use of tilting and gravity. The artist uses mixed media paints in a liquid 2 part epoxy resin. She uses both translucent and opaque colours to give the artwork depth.

Larissa Lea has pieces included in many personal collections nation wide, and is a featured artist on the 2016 series of Channel 9's The Block.


calming, ice, coastal, zen, ocean, blue, flow, movement, depth, white, luxe, abstract, resin