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Elliminyt‚ Vic., Australia

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This is a Limited Edition print of Appreciation, the original. 

"This artwork is quite special to me, a representation of growth.

I knew before I finished what it's name was going to be.

Red isn't something I felt like using before.  It can be such a striking colour.  I'm not sure why but for me it was a little too bold.  I like to give my artworks a softness and find reds too harsh.

But I found myself getting quite drawn to red lately.  I wanted to explore it.  I started seeing it mixed with pinks, yellows, greens and greys.  I saw it in a different light.  I developed a joy around using it while I was playing with paint colours.  I fell in love with the palette I later used to create this artwork.

I realised while I was painting just how far my creativity has come.  It really is like a muscle.  Always observing life, taking in your scenery and watching how colours change in different light in nature.  Enjoying colour expression in others artworks (yes including fashion, interior design, floristry, textiles) and how it influences me, especially emotionally.

What was even more special was through listening to friends around me.  I'm blessed to have some wonderful beings in my life and I found myself listening and embracing what they appreciate, what inspires them.  Stopping to really listen to others can really open doors to perceiving the world around us in a whole new way.

I felt that this painting has shown my growth in my imagination.  How I've embraced and stepped out of my comfort zone when it comes to colour.  It brings so much happiness to know that as I continue to make art that this muscle will grow and grow and grow.  Being grounded but in awe of where that may take me."

This artwork would look beautiful hung in a modern home. It's quite versatile, looking great on both dark and light coloured walls as seen in the gallery pictures. It can also look fantastic in a neutral coloured space, acting as a feature and bringing colour to your home.



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