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Lauren Danger
Lauren Danger

Elliminyt‚ Vic., Australia

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Acrylic Paint on canvas, stretched and ready to hang

Signed on the back

Being in my "nesting" period, theres one thing I'm glad I've had space to achieve.

It's probably the most important, more than cleaning cupboards.

I've just completed, "The Time Is Now".  An artwork created in my 35th week of pregnancy.   This quiet time before bubs arrives has taken what it means to be present to a whole deeper level.  All in good time I say.  I don't know how I would've gone going into motherhood without this space to heal.

Just to bring you up to speed, being present and slowing down is not something that comes easy to my personality.  When anxiety hits, every part of me wants to get a million things done.  My yoga practice and art helped level me, calm me.  The effects I thought were long lasting, beyond the mat.  I felt so different to the "old" me.

I now look back to pre-pregnancy and realise it's kind of like not being able to recognise how bad things are if you've never been well.  Yes, I was better than I used to be but the potential to truly feel clam and relaxed for the most part of my day had never been reached.  I always had this mild anticipation lurking in the back of my mind.  Like a dull ache I became conditioned to.  It doesn't have to be that way.

After not being at work for quite some time due to injury whilst pregnant, I first found myself delving deeper into my art, achieving goals that would've taken a year to complete.  A couple of months ago I'd fulfilled most of what I had lined up.  The long list in my head that always grew had actually shrunk.  A whole new world to me.

I was at my weekly meditation/personal development class at this time and was part of an activity for self exploration.  We were all randomly given a sticker with affirmations on them.  Mine read, "The time is now".

I laugh now.  Immediately my head went into full speed!  Almost as if a gun went off at the start of a race.  A list of things to do flooded into my mind.  Part of the class is to share and explore with one another as support.  I shared my affirmation.

Through the help of the room I realised the words were there to slow me down, not kick me into high speed.  A gentle reminder that the time is always "now".  We're in the present.  Not future, not past.  Instantly I felt grounded by the shift in perception.

We were encouraged to keep the sticker as a reminder.  A couple of months on it still sits in my car.  It's been the greatest gift.  I seem to see it when I really need it the most.

It's amazing how often this affirmation has interrupted my anxiety since.  As I mentioned I felt I was doing great keeping grounded in the past.  Having time for me and allowing my list of things to do drop away has healed me going into this next chapter of being a mum.  I've felt deeply peaceful in a way I never have felt in daily life.  I now have a new standard of what being present and grounded is.  Something I'm truly grateful for.


Acrylic on high quality stretched canvas, unframed, ready to hang, white painted edges, Certificate of Authenticity

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Stretched and ready to hang

This artwork is stretched and ready to hang.

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