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Elliminyt‚ Vic., Australia

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When creating "With love" I set out to make a piece for my own home. What I found in the process is that I was drawn to colours that felt very warming and loving. having fallen pregnant with our first child I feel this is the energy I wanted to bring into our home. The brushstroke were more rapid a freeing that my previous artworks.

I love the end result. To me it resembles what love is all about. From the colour, to my intention and application. After some thought I feel I'd like to offer this to you all for purchase. The intention I have when I create my art is that I love to share them and their stories. I wanted "With love" to create a larger impact. My hope that someone identifies with it's intention and is happy to have it in their home.

This artwork has been painted on stretched canvas with white painted sides. It is ready to hang. It's created with magenta, rose pink, red gold, cadmium yellow, violet and white paint. There is also a "painterly" texture which adds to the effect. The colours are perfect for a modern house in your living space or bedroom. This size is also wonderful for a gift, your loved one is sure to find a spare wall to bring colour into their home.


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