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Leanne Jamieson

Esperance, WA, Australia

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Fine art print on high quality paper, ready for framing


This fine art print of Dinghies, American River is from an original acrylic artwork by Leanne Jamieson. It was inspired during a return visit to Kangaroo Island, SA.
Leanne’s family have always lived on the coast and have a background in fishing and commercial charter. Leanne lived on KI with her family before relocating to WA and settling in Esperance.

The quirky little dinghies are a lot like their owners, mostly local retired blokes who love the peacefulness of reflective water and the calming and peaceful past-time of “messing about in boats”. The artist has tried to capture the personalities and individuality of these dinghies in her acrylic painting and hopes you enjoy them. These local dinghies can still be seen at the American River Wharf area today.

Print supplied with a Certificate of Authenticity.


#Dinghies, #dinghy, #boats, #seascape, #kangaroo island, #american river, #ocean, #wooden, #boat, #fishing, #reflection, #water, #abstract, #blue, #pink
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