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Acrylic on canvas

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“This artwork is a visual story of spiritual metamorphosis. It attempts to symbolically express the beauty of connecting with your authentic self; a spiritual awakening, transformation, ascension, or experience an unveiling of one’s spiritual essence.

I have, for a long time now, worked with Animal Spirit connections, and the peacock to me is a symbol of a way to see the world, and a way to be seen; how the eyes of others shape our perceptions, both of ourself and the outer world. There is also influence to our ego self (“proud as a peacock”). The story I paint here is of the peacock visited by the White Moth. It carries news from the light; the time has come for the inner spirit to see the light of truth. The censer facilitates the cleansing but is also a symbol of the vessel of our heart, body, mind, soul. The cleansing journey sheds the pride, ego, grief, fear and heaviness of the past that weighs one’s energy.

With the white peacock seated upon the censer then, and unladen of the eyes of others (symbolised by lack of eyes on its tail feathers), it represents the spirit made pure. The purity of our divine self, made of LOVE, is united with the body instead of being shielded by it. The soul is cleansed, and the pure divine light that lives within us shines. With this, there is an acceptance of the glory of our connection to Source Energy, The One, The Divine Light, God, The All. There is rebirth, an awakening, a transformation. An alignment with the authentic self. A way to see the world with new eyes of truth. A new beginning. “ - Leni Kae

From Leni Kae’s series “Animal Spirit”. Painted with acrylic on canvas.

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Acrylic on Canvas

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Leni Kae

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