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By Lesley Taylor Featured

Macksville N.S.W., Australia

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As an actress, I’ve always been fascinated by faces and what they can express without words. I strive to produce images of the expressions which capture my imagination. This girl, executed in bold, raw brush marks and fine, faint tracery, is deep in nostalgic contemplation.

This LARGE artwork, in terracotta, tan, burnt umber, black and white, is 3 foot x 4 foot, which makes it a STATEMENT PIECE for your room and will be comfortable in MODERN, CONTEMPORARY, WAREHOUSE, SCANDI or a LOFT setting.

The edges of your painting have been painted for a modern style finish. Your painting is ready to hang and has D rings & wire. It is signed on the front and comes with a certificate of authenticity.


terracotta, tan, black, white, bold strokes, raw, young girl dreaming, nostalgia, emotions, contemplation, dreaming, urban, contemporary, pop art, bold, large, modern styling