Liza Merkalova

Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

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Oil paint on coarse canvas, framed


From the novel One Hundred Years of Solitude written by Gabriel García Márquez.
It is said she's the most beautiful woman ever seen in Macondo, and she unintentionally causes the deaths of several men who love her. To most of the town she appears as naïvely innocent, and some come to think that she is mentally retarded. She rejects clothing and beauty, sewing a cassock as her only clothing and sometimes wandering around naked at home. She shaves her foot-long hair to not have to comb it. Ironically, it is her touch with basic human instinct that perpetuates her as an object of lust for more men, whom she treats with complete innocence and no reservations. Too beautiful and arguably too wise for the world, Remedios ascends into the sky one morning, while folding laundry.


#oil painting, #Remedios the Beauty, #One Hundred Years of Solitude, #Gabriel García Márquez, #subject painting, #fantasy, #fine art, #Liza Merkalova

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