As an artist‚ I am inspired by nature and natural rhythms. Cycles‚ spirals‚ water‚ transformation‚ impermanence and alchemy. From the tiniest cycles of cells in our bodies‚ to the immense cycles of the galaxies in the universe.

My latest project is a series of natural prints made directly from the surface of Belongil Creek‚ Byron Bay where I live.


1997 –    Bachelor of Fine Arts at Queensland College of Art‚ Majoring in Intermedia.


1999 -    narm sia‚ sia narm‚ Soi 8 Gallery‚ Bangkok
2001 -    transient‚ Pop up Gallery in an old church hall‚ Fortitude Valley‚ Brisbane. (funded by Arts Qld)

2013 - elephant‚ water‚ tango‚ Lust for Life Gallery‚ Fortitude Valley‚ Brisbane
2013 - artworks by belongil beach‚ The Dune Room‚ Belongil Beach‚ Byron Bay
2012 - The Border Art Prize 2012‚ Tweed River Art Gallery‚ Murwillumbah
2012 - belongil art walk‚ in own studio‚ Belongil Creek‚ Byron Bay
2003 - village life‚ On the Rocks Climbing and Gallery‚ Tonsai Beach‚ Krabi‚ Thailand
2003 - world photography‚ On the Rocks Climbing and Gallery‚ Tonsai Beach‚ Krabi‚ Thailand
2000 –   implosion‚ Bat Poo Cave (Than Kan Khao)‚ Krabi‚ Thailand
1999 -    recline‚ Soi 8 Gallery‚ Bangkok
1998 -    macro parts‚ Metro Gallery‚ Brisbane CBD
1997 –    group exhibition‚ The Hub‚ Brisbane CBD
1997 -    free education‚ IMA‚ Fortitude Valley‚ Bangkok
1997 –    epoch‚ IMA‚ Fortitude Valley‚ Brisbane

100cm (W) x 100cm (H)
Acrylic Paint
135cm (W) x 60cm (H)
Mixed Media
135cm (W) x 60cm (H)
Mixed Media