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Hand Cut Stencil & Aerosol


I used 9 hand cut stencil layers to create this oversized image of a crushed can. This piece is the first in a series entitled "Crush" which tries to create beauty from common waste.

Each of the paintings in the series consists of a collection of 5 hand painted stencil art prints, and one artist proof. Which means there are 5 versions for sale and one that I keep, each painted using the same stencil set. They are all slightly different in their own ways but overall the same concept and work.

Each work comes with certificate of authenticity, is signed and numbered.

The process of cutting the stencils took around 72 hours.

Painted using aerosol paints and hand cut stencils.

Each of my stencil artworks is created using a painstaking process involving many hours of hand cutting multiple layers. I start out with a photograph that I have taken, and work with that to create the different stencil layers which slowly build up the depth in the image.

To see a timelapse of a recent mural I painted for the Veriu Hotel Broadway in Sydney, which shows the painting process head to: https://youtu.be/IXX_C4989RM


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