By Louise Croese

Yeppoon QLD, Australia

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Golden Pathway

......The wattle spreads a golden pathway in the
spring. It reminds us there is hope where the past
and present meet, a bright promise for the future.
The wattle weaves all nationalities
into one golden web of unity and peace.
Margaret Shaw
On 1 September 1988 Golden Wattle (Acacia pycnantha) was officially proclaimed as Australia’s National Floral Emblem.

Yellow is the brightest color of the visible spectrum, and it is the most noticeable of all colors by the human eye. It means happiness and optimism; it is the color of sun shining, or bright light and creativity. ... It is the color of high energy, enthusiasm, hope, fun, and cheerfulness.

Ready to hang canvas 91x91x3
Certificate of authenticity signed by the artist
Makes a stunning, soft matching pair with Dusk Whispers (identical size canvas)


wattle, yellow and green, abstract wattle flower, water reflections, green and gold, blue, Australian wattle, white flowers, trees, water, Abstract Australian wattle