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Acrylic on quality primed ready to hang canvas with quality paints and satin varnish protection


Wind and Window Flower
by Robert Frost
She a window flower,
And he a winter breeze.
When the frosty window veil
Was melted down at noon,
And the cagèd yellow bird
Hung over her in tune,
He marked her through the pane,
He could not help but mark,
And only passed her by,
To come again at dark.
He was a winter wind,
Concerned with ice and snow,
Dead weeds and unmated birds,
And little of love could know.
But he sighed upon the sill,
He gave the sash a shake,
As witness all within
Who lay that night awake.
Perchance he half prevailed
To win her for the flight
From the firelit looking-glass
And warm stove-window light.
But the flower leaned aside
And thought of naught to say,
And morning found the breeze
A hundred miles away.

Delicate, whimsical, inspired by a lace curtain blowing in the winter breeze that reminded me of Robert Frost's poem. Can't stop looking at this painting, there's something old world about it that I love.
102x76x3.5 ready to hang quality canvas and paints with satin varnish protection

#abstract flowers, #impressionsist, #soft colours, #lace, #free flowing art, #Pink, #white, #Green, #rose, #window, #mist, #quality canvas and paints, #impressionist flowers, #old fashioned flowers, #lace painting
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