Lydie Paton


Gouache, watercolour, acrylic and pencil on birch wood panel.


These two paintings capture the vibrant and varied blue plumage of a male splendid fairy-wren in breeding colours.

These expressive‚ mixed media works capture the iconic shape and character of blue wrens. Acrylic and gouache paints are combined with pencil and watercolours on two 8” x 8” birch wood panels.

A clear gesso has been used in the priming of the boards to retain the natural timber background. The completed work has been sealed with a satin varnish to protect and stabilise the various mediums used and to protect the work.

Please note the artwork is on two separate birch panels and they can be hung together or separately. Each board is 20.1cm square. Combined the width is 40.2cm. Boards come ready to hang with D-hooks and wire affixed.

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