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Sydney, Australia

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Hand pulled drypoint etching using oil based inks on an acetate plate with hand colouring in watercolour paints.


I have a slight obsession with horses (among other things!). When I was young I was lucky enough to have a horse (after much begging). This horse was a failed pacer, and the cheapest horse around but he was the best as far as I was concerned. So along with my love of real horses, which has never waned, I adore carousel horses. They are such beautiful artworks in all stances and states of repair. One of my many jobs was to work the carousels at Grundy's and Magic Mountain on the Gold Coast so I had plenty of time to study these beauties. This handsome horse has been etched into acetate that has additions of textures. He has then been inked up and printed and then I have added some subtle watercolour hand painted touches, to give him a more fairground feel.
***please note that this is an original hand pulled print and the image area is 115 mm high x 176 mm wide. It also comes framed (with permission from Bluethumb). If you would like to purchase this work unframed please contact me to relist the work.


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