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By Lyndsey Hatchwell

Sydney, Australia

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Inspired by living in Sydney and all of the beautiful old landmarks that once existed still feeling their presence among the ones that are still here and all the newer buildings. I absolutely love 'old' Sydney.
This work is a drypoint etching in black ink on quality printmaking paper. It is marked 'EV' for edition variable, as each one of these works is different, due to my experimentation with levels of ink and wiping to give a different feel to each work. It is a very small edition as the plate is made of acetate and due to it's film like nature it will only allow for a small edition before becoming unusable.
***Please note this work is framed professionally in a black frame with a single mat. So the size below is the framed size - artwork is approx 18 cm wide x 13.5 cm high.
** Artwork is not to scale in room image.
#1 of 10 Ed Var prints.


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