Greg Dwyer

Cairns North Queensland, Australia

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Sometimes I write songs about my paintings. Sometimes I paint pictures of my songs. This is the latter.
I wrote it to express how I viewed the world differently to other people.
Some folks would like the world to be tidy‚ curbed and guttered with all the i's dotted and all the t's crossed. But life for me is a very fluid thing. Time is a feeling. Borders are a suggestion. And its my world too so I may not want to always conform when it's important to me.


#Dream. Fantasy. Surreal. Animals. Birds. Music. Minstrel.
Borsht vodka and tears greg dwyer bluethumb artListing greg dwyer bluethumb art 0ea4Sandpiper greg dwyer bluethumb artQuiet village greg dwyer bluethumb artGuitar street greg dwyer bluethumb artCorral de le moreria greg dwyer bluethumb art 5dec

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