Marion Parker
Marion Parker

Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, Hobart, Australia

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Acrylic, ink, spray paint, watercolour


Australian Abstract expression artist Marion Parker uses rich, bold colours to evoke emotion and thought.

A serene and calming abstract on a square canvas.

Inspired by a spiritual awareness of the Australian outback, desert and billabong and our sun burnt country.

The colours are burnt orange, red, raw umber, soft pale blue, turquoise, gold, bronze, copper, white and mustard.

This is a minimalistic painting that relaxes the senses.

The Australian desert is harsh and brings up emotions that come up of our very 'existence' when looking out over the desert and billabong.

Billabongs reflect the arid Australian climate and the end of rivers, where they may have ended or dried up, yet a small pool remains.

Sides are painted white.
D-rings on the back and ready to hang.

A signed Certificate of Authenticity is included.

#red, #abstract, #orange, #blue, #modern, #minimal, #interior design, #australian outback, #australian desert, #water, #landscape
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