Melinda Katotriatis

Officer, Victoria, Australia

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Acrylic paint and Watercolour on 250gsm Linen Art Paper (A2 size, unframed)


The process of growth, planning and dreaming with open hands and an open heart.

Features soft greys, greens, salmon, red and metallic gold. Painted with soft watercolours and blended acrylics on art paper with lots of beautiful shapes.

'Geotricity' series focuses on endlessly fascinating geometric pieces with vibrant colour. Through geometric shapes and the 3dimensional look they create, I explore thoughts around our perspectives and views as individual humans, and the way we both fight to be heard, and learn to listen. They offer a new story every time you see them, with their varying 3dimensional nature. Geotricity is my most regimented series, exploring both the rhythm in music and life, as well as themes around shifting perspective – it involves structured, repetitive geometric shapes and patterns, with block colours, and designs that incorporate optical illusions to trick the eye and provide endless fascination.


#Abstract, #Geometric Art, #Perspective, #3 Dimensional, #Works on Paper, #Geotricity Series

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