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Venus Bay, Australia

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Metallic gold acrylic on heavy 12 oz black primed linen. Scroll style framing. Ready to hang.


Flight Home .:.

So many paths Home.
Inner flight.
Back to the Centre.
The Seat of the Spirit.

"My art is a visual representation of deep, meditative practices. I dot by allowing every moment to be As It Is, rather than directing the outcome towards a desired vision.

Gold represents the colour of the purest, highest vibrational, reflective light. Black canvas represents the pure, silent, still, all-encompassing darkness, out of which visions may be born.

I attempt to create purely, in the moment, as a part of nature and a part of life, a part of the larger 'whole' of the universe, with the intent to capture human intelligence that reaches beyond a personally desired outcome, even beyond personal understanding, an intelligence of the moment, a moment of organic nature.

My work explores the nature of the human, and Nature itself."

Milica ZZAA .:.

Scroll-style framing. Ready to hang.

Matisse Metallic Gold Acrylic

This artwork has been created on heavy 12 oz black primed linen.

This artwork is framed as a scroll style frame: black 1.5 inch wide pine slats installed across the bottom and the top of the painting, with a wire on the back ready for hanging. This allows the artwork to be rolled up and packaged in a tube, greatly reducing framing and shipping costs. These savings are passed directly on to my collectors. The scroll frame can be easily removed and the artwork stretched or framed to your liking.


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