Hi my name is Tracey.
I am originally from Christchurch ,NZ , I am married with 4 beautiful children, and currently a part time Hairdresser and self taught Artist.
As an Artist my love and passion is seeking out the truly amazing beauty of the world around me , and all its colours and forms, and by translating these visions into my artworks as each painting I do is an expression of what I see, feel, and touch.
I love to paint abstract as it allows me more freedom and creativity to combine unique textures and vibrant colours.
A lot of my inspiration comes from the beauty and colour from nature but also culture, and I guess anything and everything that is bright and colourful.
I find that anything that captures me will eventually come through in my art, in one form or another.
I don't always plan my artworks, and tend to let my brush go with the flow, but sometimes this is not always an easy approach to painting ,as more than often , more paint ends up on rags from wiping all the paint off than it does on the canvas, it becomes a constant trial and error, and the hardest thing is to know when a painting is finished, and the need to sometimes leave my painting for awhile then revisit it a few hours later to see what improvements I can make or making alterations here and there.
When I am painting there is a sense of joy and excitement in creating beautiful art as it all takes shape done with my heart and own hands.
I hope by welcoming my art into this world that it brings much beautiful energy into many peoples lives and surroundings.
Thank you so much for viewing my Art.


Qualified Hairdresser And Self Taught Artist.


My influences are most definitely my Mum And Father in law.
The most amazing artists in my eyes, they both have always encouraged me to be myself with my art, and that the rest will follow.
Wise words .... love to you both. xxx