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Acrylic Paint on canvas

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“Ngayulu palyalpai Tjukurpa kamiku, tjamuku mamaku ngunytjuku nguranguru. Ngayulu ngura iti ngarintja palyalpai. Uluruku pitjangi Liru paluru pitjangi wiluraranguru, Docker River-lawanu, Tjukurpa pulkanya. Mununa mai putitjangka ngayuku ngunytjulu mamalu pulkanu ngayunya. Docker River-nguru nganana anu tjina ngayulu tjitji tjukutjuku, Utjulakutu mununa ngura nyara palula pulkaringu, kuulangka. Ka kuwari ngayulu Mutitjulula nyinanyi kulira palyalpai mamaku Kuniya, Liru, munu Kungkarangkalpa, ngayuku nguntjuku nguranguru.

I paint the Tjukurpa of my grandparents’ and parents’ country. I paint for the place I was born. The Deadly Snake came to Uluru from the west, through Docker River and this is a very significant part of our culture and history. I also paint the bush foods my parents raised me on. We left Docker River when I was very young and travelled on foot to the community of Areyonga where I grew up and went to school. Now I live in Mutitjulu and whenever I paint I’m thinking of the Python and Deadly Snake from my father and the Seven Sisters story from my mother’s country."

A man called Wati Nyiru was chasing the sisters trying to court one of them. He used all kinds of trickery in pursuit of them but through the skill of the eldest, they always managed to keep one step ahead of him. The sisters finally escaped to a far away place so they could stay together safe from the clutches of Wati Nyiru.

To this day the seven stars of the sisters followed by the bright star of Wati Nyiru following can be seen in the night sky in the constellations known as the Pleiades and Orion. Within the traditions of Tjukurpa or Creation Law are coded life survival skills. There is inma or ceremony for the Kungkarangkalpa in order to teach and celebrate; for people to learn where they fit within both the environment and social systems.

Anangu feel strongly about continuing to teach and learn Tjukurpa and their art is important and vital work. It sustains them economically, physically and culturally. It keeps the stories and traditions alive.

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Acrylic on Canvas, 20-120

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