Ness is a Kingsthorpe based artist specialising in pen and ink pieces that are created using a variety of pen techniques, although stipple work is a favourite. The stipple effect is created by using pens of various sizes and layering dots to add shading and give each piece distinct areas of contrast. The pen size can vary from brush to 0.03mm in size and each work can take hours, days or weeks to complete, depending on the detail and size.

Ness is inspired by shapes, outlines and voids. Each work tends to focus on an element of the whole, and highlight the curve, the flow and the contrast, rather than be a complete picture. Ness favours dramatic pieces that have intense highlights and vast areas of negative space, and as such, works predominantly in black and white.

Ness is a self-taught artist who began drawing at a young age and spent many years dabbling in most mediums, before stumbling upon a picture of Lina Cavalieri created by Piero Fornasetti. The ‘dot work’ of the piece inspired Ness to try dot work and she has been finessing this technique ever since.

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    Bachelor of Art - University of Queensland
    Certificate IV Design - Tafe Southwest


    Celebration of the Female Form 2016
    Celebration of the Female Form 2015
    Hampton Food and Wine Festival 2015
    For the Love of Stipple 2015
    Celebration of the Female Form 2014
    Hampton Food and Wine Festival 2014

    10cm (W) x 20cm (H)
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