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Nicky Shelton

Perth, Western Australia, Australia

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Oil on stretched canvas


Being an Australian Realistic Birdlife Artist I love capturing the characteristics of my chosen subjects.

I had lots of fun painting these New Holland Honeyeaters. I looked forward to every day in the art studio being greeted by their energy and argumentative chatter. As the painting evolved I developed a relationship with each individual family member even feeling sorry for the poor demur fellow who clearly has had enough of the belligerent telling off by the neighbouring offspring.

This painting went through several transformations before I was happy with the final completion. I removed a New Holland Honeyeater due to out of control quarrel that was ensuing. I also turned the tap on and then off again slowing down the water flow to ensure the focal point was on the energy of the birds not on the water flow in the painting.

New Holland Honeyeaters are one of Australia’s most energetic birds. Fuelled up on high-energy nectar taken from flowers they are always active and pugnacious. Weather they are dashing in pursuit of a flying insect or chasing other honeyeaters away, the New Holland Honeyeater is seldom seen sitting still.

Thank you Gwenda Kinniburgh for graciously allowing the use of photograph as a reference for this oil painting.


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