Naomi Radunski
Naomi Radunski

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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Ink, artist's original photo transfers, acrylic emulsion. 80cm x 120cm on heavy Hahnemühle paper.


Here is the stoat, a 'hopeful' animal who is not endangered, despite rampant hunting by humans, and thrives wherever she finds herself. Stoats belong to the mustelid family; intelligent, hardy, adaptable animals, mustelidae include otters, weasels, badgers and wolverines. Stoat is a ferocious, successful predator with a rapid breeding cycle; these characteristics, together with her beautiful, warm fur have contributed to her success in the wild. In this image I have painted Stoat Rampant, curious and alert, standing in a montaged landscape of ancient Arabic texts and natural textures of wood bark, stone and grass, that I photographed out walking. Stoat is painted in high pigment acrylic ink, with photographed elements transferred using the gel transfer method. Layer upon layer of matt varnish give this image a tactile finish.


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