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Tommy Mitchell was born in the desert the Warakurna side of Papulankutja. This painting is from Tommy's mother's and uncle Tjunka Lewis's country. Tommy Mitchell says this painting is about Tjunka's country and a special place called Wakalpuka, a rockhole at the base of Wakalpuka. It's a story about the Patjarrtja (native quoll, sometimes referred to as a native cat). This animal was travelling around. You can not find the Patjarrtja anymore, they have become extinct from this region. Too many wild feral cats. * Acacia tetragonophylla (Dead finish)/Wakalpuka

This painting needs to be framed or stretched. It’s also being sent direct from the artist at a remote art centre, Papulankutja Arts, in the WA desert. Please note there is only one mail plane a week that takes the artwork. The tracking information is then received a week later when the mail plane returns, so often the paintings are delivered before we receive the tracking information. Please expect a slightly longer wait for this very special artwork to arrive.

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