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Peta Tranquille (MAPS)
Peta Tranquille (MAPS)

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Acrylic on Canvas


The "Not To Scale - Mapping Memories in Colour" collection represents the first 12 of 29 locations that Peta has lived. Each piece is a map showing the road and position of the house. The black background is representative of Aphantasia, a condition that Peta has, that means she is unable to visualise.

The shape at the top of the canvas is the tenth house Peta lived in. They sold the caravan and the family settled in a lovely house. The rooms within the house have been depicted as Peta remembers. The swirls on the small framed painting represent the pet goat they had in the back yard. The house had stairs and the gates were steel with wire mesh inserts, as shown near the stairs at the rear of the house. Site Plans, which Peta drew for many years, were the inspiration behind the house and road sections. The stairs in the road section are depicting the two-storey school and the colours were inspired by the school uniform and the clothing Peta and her brother wore in photos taken at the location. The canvas is oriented with North at the top and stencilled on the side is the exact location of the house in the form of latitude and longitude coordinates.


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