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Peta Tranquille (MAPS)
Peta Tranquille (MAPS)

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Acrylic on Canvas


The "Not To Scale - Mapping Memories in Colour" collection represents the first 12 of 29 locations that Peta has lived. Each piece is a map showing the road and position of the house. The black background is representative of Aphantasia, a condition that Peta has, that means she is unable to visualise.

The rectangular shape on the top of the canvas represents the seventh house Peta lived in. The five cubes relate to her family tree, with the addition of a baby brother. The colours were inspired by photos of the school bus and Peta’s sister in her school sports uniform. The bubbles represent a very bad memory of drowning and being saved at the local swimming pool. This is the first time Peta was given her first tennis racquet, symbolised by the curved parallel lines and the grid pattern, which is continued into the road section below. Lots of T-intersections in the black represent the long, straight outback roads. The canvas is oriented with North at the top and stencilled on the side is the exact location of the house in the form of latitude and longitude coordinates.


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