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This special edition artwork includes a wooden box frame with True museum glass for your viewing pleasure. It is ready to hang on your wall. The dimension of the frame is 74cm x 51cm x 4cm . Weight about 4kg. Printed on handmade Yucatan Mayan paper know as Huun, 100% alfa-cellulose of select fibres of plants such as Sansevieria (Mother-in-law's Tongue) and Cattail. Both are renewable, the use of which does no damage to the environment. I have included some detail shots of the print that highlights the texture of this beautiful handmade paper. Click on the image and navigate left and right to look the details.


Can one see beauty in chaos? I was reminded of a line from a song by U2, "Grace finds beauty out of everything." How quickly we jump in to form our opinion on things without taking time to see the beauty that lies underneath. The image was taken by the river banks of Melaka; it is a reflection of street art on the walls. I captured the moment after a boat went past.


abstract, impressionism, reflections, street art, decorations, interior design