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This photo is printed on Japanese paper, Unryu, it reflects a classic Japanese aesthetic with its subtle cloud-like inclusions of long kozo (mulberry) fibers. Particularly interesting when backlit (or freely hanging from a wall or ceiling), this papers’ unique texture is certain to increase the expressiveness of any work printed on it. I have included a detail shot of the printed image so that you can have a look at the texture of this beautiful Japanese Unryu paper, just click on the image and navigate through the left and right arrows.


The water window of NGV, Melbourne has been inspiring many artists in the past, it continues to inspire more in the future. After the neo-impressionist exhibition a few years ago at NGV, I took an interest in impressionist art and paintings. I always wanted to interpret an impression of an image through photography. With some research and studies, this is one of the results.
This paper used for this image is Japanese Unryu paper that uses the traditional methods to produce beautiful cloud-like texture which adds subtle characteristics and expressiveness to the image.


impressionist photography, abstract, decorative