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limited edition digital photograph printed on archival paper 300 gsm



Driving under the long arc of the Sydney Harbour Bridge I often feel I am entering the ribcage of an enormous beast. The impulse as you cross is to look up, and when you do you see the vast network of vertical and diagonal supports, the spine of the bridge rising up on either side of you as if the bones of the animal had suddenly come alive and were breathing you in, carrying you across to the other side.

Like many significant bridges around the world the Sydney Harbour Bridge is a structure that has come to define the physical and psychological shape of the harbour it traverses.

Completed in 1932 and spanning Port Botany at the very point where the city put down its roots, it is the vital artery that links the northern reaches of Sydney and the country beyond it to the heart of the CBD.

Living as I do at the northern extreme of the city the bridge has always been the most significant structure I see as I approach the city from the north and as a result has come to symbolise the city itself, its stature in this capacity only surpassed by the Sydney Opera House on its completion in 1973.

To my mind both the Bridge and the Opera House (each one standing on either side of Circular Quay) serve the city as dual ambassadors in what I have come to think of as an enduring and harmonious celebrity marriage.

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