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limited edition digital photograph printed on archival paper 300 gsm


A two year residency at the Electron Microscope Unit, Sydney University, resulted in several bodies of work, the starting point of which were scanning electron micrographs I made of the microscopic tests (or skeletons) of single-celled marine protozoans. No larger than grains of sand, these organisms once lived in the waters of Broken Bay at the mouth of the Hawkesbury River before washing up on my local beach where they lay all but invisible to the naked eye.

In the work Mapping Home I wanted to present the organisms as a metaphor for the body and chose specimens that resembled heads or body parts. A map of the river and its catchment has been superimposed over the image of their bodies, its red and blue road systems serving as a metaphor for blood vessels and arteries.

In making this work I was concerned with ideas about loss and connection to place.

*Owing to the location of the artist delivery cannot be guaranteed within 7 days.


foram, micro-organism, sea, electron micrograph, maps