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Lumen print, unique, unframed


My work is concerned with nature, natural processes and significance of selected flora. Acacia pycnantha (golden wattle) is an image of a useful local plant from the Blue Mountains region. During my residency at Bilpin international ground for creative initiatives (BigCi) I had the privilege to research and work with local bush tucker on the beautiful BigCi property, adjacent to Woolemi National Park. I am eager to learn about local plants, use them, and share my passion for nature and photography with audiences.
Lumen prints are created by direct contact of plant matter with black and white photographic paper, and their exposure to sunlight. This process results in photograms, which present silhouettes of plants. Long exposures allow for alchemic reactions and traces within photographic emulsion, as well a sense of movement, due to the changing direction of sunlight over a period of time.


lumen, blackandwhitephotography, analoguephotography, unique