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fine art giclee photograph print only no frame


The Strathalbyn picnic races play host to a number of competitions, the most amusing of which is the Beauty Contest, which involves women of all ages standing in the baking sun while the compare (usually a TV celebrity) talks up the clothes and hats on display.

While observing the event, I wondered what prize the winner might receive; a bag of Fantales and a bottle of Minchinbury perhaps? A meat-tray? An all-expenses paid weekend away in Milang? Alas, the victor received boring old money, but her interview post competition was pure gold. When asked the "who dressed you?" question, the answer was neither Armani nor Wildchild but... Ebay.

Print only, no frame, once only. Shot on 6x6cm square film.


strathalbyn, racing, beauty contest, monochrome, alex frayne