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Fine Art Giclee Photograph, Boxed Frame


Anybody who has studied the culture of the Land of the Rising Sun will tell you of the valued status of the fabled Geisha. These women rank highly in Japanese society and their role is largely misunderstood. They are hardly ever seen by common tourists. Foreigners are far more likely to spy groups of giggling adolescent girls having fun with friends and dressing in geisha-esque costumes. This picture was taken at the Golden Temple in Kyoto, and the girl depicted was one of about three hundred dressed in this fashion at that hallowed antiquity. During my stay I only saw one authentic Geisha, in a shopping mall in Yokohama. I knew for certain she was Geisha because of the confidence, calmness and poise she exuded; and also the unmistakable air of Japanese superiority.

Once only, framed.


kyoto, japan, geisha, alex frayne, infra red