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Fine Art Giclee Photograph, Boxed Frame under Museum Grade Glass


By March 2017, South Korea was bracing itself for a possible nuclear war with its hermit kingdom neighbour. The North, an impoverished nation (led by the world's most ghastly Gen Y freak), had been testing nuclear bombs and launching missiles like there was no tomorrow. Indeed, for millions of Koreans, the prospect of 'no tomorrow' looms large. Despite living in one of the world's most advanced countries, Koreans must daily grapple with the ghosts of the Twentieth Century. This picture was taken in front of the Dong-daemon Design Plaza, a giant silvery construction in the middle of Seoul. The gentleman depicted is seen looking placidly outward to a glowing light produced by the best sort of nuclear reaction.

A once only image framed and behind museum glass. Shot on Kodak TriX 120 square.


korea, seoul, alex frayne, theatre of life, portraits