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Fine Art Photo in a white box frame


Using the camera timer delay, I shot this image in front of an old art-deco factory in Edwardstown, with the standard mixed colour temperatures from streetlights that are part and parcel of night work photography. While planning and shooting the image, a blind man with a walking stick stopped and talked to me. He warned me that the factory security man whom he described as a "real psychopath", would inevitably arrive in a mini-van and move me along. I told the man I wasn't going anywhere, that I was actually quite curious to see this archetype in society we hear so much about (the psychopath). Sure enough, a man arrived in a mini-van. In his early 20's the driver seemed shy and somewhat awkward and polite. The opposite of what I suspected. He greeted us both, asked about the photography, winked at us, and drove away. The blind man left, and I packed up my gear and departed.


self portrait, alex frayne, factory, industrial, adelaide, jeffrey smart