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Giclee print on archival paper, numbered and signed.


This is Billie, an actor and a friend. Years ago, we were meant to work together on a music video, a job that ultimately fell apart. And I never managed to cast her again, something that remains one of my biggest professional regrets.

This past year has been rough for Billie. Rough enough that she needed a big change. So now, like many before her, she’s off on a one way ticket to Europe. Her loft - which hasn't been styled, this is how she lived there - was her safe space, a quiet room amongst the hurly burly of Newtown where she could just be. Now, instead of a spacious loft, her entire life has been constricted to a tiny bag as she adventures off to who knows there.

This image came about because we both wanted to create some art. Something to memorialize that room as a marker of where she came from.

I’ve posted a previous portrait session from Billie’s room where, because of a perfectly placed window giving gorgeous natural light and some judicious smoke, I got a beautiful god ray. I wanted to try the same trick again with this shoot, but unfortunately the winter sun didn’t hit the window at the right angle this time. So I lit it instead, finding something that felt natural.

Sometimes it’s nice to create for no other reason than creating.


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