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Giclee print on archival paper, numbered and signed.


A couple of years ago, myself and a colleague were scouting for a location for a job, and one of the places we looked at was Billie’s room. I flipped out when I saw it - her room was exactly as you see it in the image, nothing was styled. Her room didn't work for that piece, but I had to get a portrait of her there.

Some more background.... I met Billie at a casting session for a music video a few years before I shot this. She was outstanding and I promptly cast her as one of the leads. However, the job fell apart due to a dodgy client reneging on payment. And one of my lasting professional regrets was not being able to work with her.

Shooting this portrait in a small part helped assuage that regret.

This is Billie as she naturally is. I asked her to just be - in her zone, doing her thing. Some people radiate a sense of art and connection. Billie is one of them.


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