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Giclee print on archival paper, numbered and signed.


I’m interested in knots. Sounds a bit silly right? But knots….. Knots are probably the first technology humans made, predating the wheel. Knots are in everything around us. For instance, our clothing is basically a series of interwoven knots. Our world is built from a complicated series of chemical knots - new materials binding atoms in different ways.

The basic elements that make up our technology are built, soldered and bound together. The act of whacking a nail into a bit of wood binds those two elements together, which is effectively a form of knot. And so on.

So I want to portray some of the most basic of knots. And I want to use ice to do it.

Besides a striking visual, ice is thematically correct as well - ice binds. And just as knots have made our civilisation, without water, we wouldn’t exist.

That’s where this image came from. It’s both a test and possibly the start of the series. We didn’t made a proper knot in this image, I just threw a bunch of elements in to see how they played on camera, and my partner Dominique built the set to reflect what was in it.


photographic artwork, ice, ship, sea, water, knots, frozen, australian, australian artwork, still life, garden, mandarin tree